Friday, October 14, 2011

Dear diary: I am revivió

Dear diary,
it's been too long since the last blog post huh?
So, I decided to post something here.
For those who are concerning about me and of course,
my results, don't worry,
I am perfectly fine here.
At least, I am still alive here. lol.

It's not that I performed well in my September final examination,
but, I decided to let go.
Letting go is not necessary referring to giving up.
It's just that I find it pointless to dwell in the past
because there isn't anything that I could do now
to change the outcome.
If that's my fate, I just got to accept the way
it is and try more harder next time.
Sometimes I am wondering whether I
chose the right path or not.

It will be too late for me to even think about making a change now
because I am already a year two degree student.
I am running out of time and I don't have such money
to consider other options that I could have.

But, I ain't feeling regret for choosing this path.

Frankly speaking, I do like Sciences.
Seriously, I can't even imagine myself as a Arts student at all.
Actually I am amazed at myself.
Because I don't know how-the-heck-on-earth I can be this slumber this time,
or in a better word, I feel numb.

It's not like I am giving up but,
I can see this coming.
I knew that this will happen to me,
but I what I didn't expect is that it got worse.

I have a dilemma right now ---'m seriously
missing those friends that having their internship now.
Especially the two monkeys.
Knowing that they can meet each others and
hang out frequently in a month
WITHOUT me is a bittersweet experience.
The sweet is that I know that
they are having a good time and enjoying their life in
Penang and the bitter came from my sense.
----Because I know that they aren't missing me at all.
They are way too busy to even think about me. :S
And what is even worse is that I need to go back
to that JUNGLE called Kampar without them.
Damn. That's sucky.

You put a smile on my face.
But then, why you took it away?


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